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Perspective: a day with Clem in quarantine

Perspective: a day with Clem in quarantine

RELAX: If I need a few minutes to unwind, I’ll put some boiling water in a bowl, add a couple drops of essential oil (lavender, jasmin, or citrus) and place my face over the steam for about 15 minutes. It’s cleansing, hydrating and insanely relaxing. 

SWEAT: you’ve heard it before: endorphins are the sh*t. Because I know myself and how much I tempt to procrastinate, I’ve put together a list of exercise-like activities I aim to do everyday. Depending on the mood, I’ll either go for a walk, a run, do some yoga or a quick workout: I never focus on the duration or intensity, but rather I stop when I’m feeling content!

UPCYCLE: the last time I cleaned out my closet, I separated clothes into 3 piles: keep, donate and upcycle. Upcycling is essentially all about reducing the textile industry’s negative impact on the environment, through customizing and turning old clothes into ones you’d actually wear. I started with clothes I hadn’t worn in a while and turned an old pair of jeans into shorts, embroidered a tee-shirt and tie-dyed an old crewneck hoodie. For more ideas, check this out! 

PASS IT ON: every couple months or so, I’ll take a look at my closet and sigh in despair: between the things I never wear, the ones I was gifted and feel bad about giving away and the ones that no longer fit but remind me of some good times, it’s a total and utter mess. Recently, I decided to take action (talk about activism) and set up a new system: with quarantine in full speed, it’s easy to feel the need to shop online. Nowadays, everytime I buy a new item, I go through my closet and add another one that I haven’t worn in a while / won’t ever wear, into my “donating bag”. It’s both useful to keep the mess at bay and to make someone else happy! 

GIVE BACK AND LEARN: Every couple weeks, I put aside a little bit of money that goes towards my “donating fund”. In practice, that means that I try to donate to a different charity every month, with the amount changing depending on what my finances have been like. The world is changing at a rapid pace and with it, so are people’s needs. While this sure is a complex conversation to get into, I think that with privilege comes responsibility, and so if you’re in the position to give back – whether it’s to front line workers or all the other people affected the most by Covid-19, or any other cause you feel strongly about – donate!