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Healthy mind, healthy body

Healthy mind, healthy body

Creating a retreat in your own home is an exercise of the mind, the spirit and the space.

Observe your mind and emotions. In moments of uncertainty, it’s very normal to feel happy and balanced one moment and suddenly feel sadness and grief the next. It’s absolutely ok. When we go on retreats, to spas and places to relax, we’re looking to rebalance and leave feeling grounded. To create that feeling of a retreat in your own home, you want to observe the changes in your daily emotional journey because by not being conscious or mindful, a slight disturbance can shift the energy of your living space.

Take the time to write down what you’re feeling and when you’re feeling it. When that wave of helplessness or anxiety comes on, write it down. By writing emotions down, you’re allowing your mind and yourself to ride that feeling wave. Children know this more than adults, which is that emotions will come and they will go. When we’re so busy running around in our hectic lives, we live for the joyful feelings and we do everything in our power to shun out the negative ones. Take this time to reconnect with all of those emotions and let the wave ride out. This mindfulness practice is an energetic one and make up the energy of your living space, your sanctuary.

Allow yourself the time and energy to clean your face, like you would at a spa. Instead of washing your face and putting on night cream right before bed, start the process an hour earlier than you normally would. Take the time to carefully remove your makeup and cleanse your face gently. Touch your skin slowly like you’re washing someone else’s face.

Take the time to pat dry and go through all of the steps one at a time and leave room between each step (masks, toner, essence, serum, acids, oils, creams, eye creams, gua sha, jade roll and more) so that the product can absorb in fully. Don’t rush the process. We’ll be sharing some content soon about the steps and ways to make this daily ritual feel like you’re at the spa.

Massage and stretch. One of the most relaxing experiences that many of us share is going for an incredible massage. The therapist pushes around our fascia and applies pressure to crunchy areas in order to release tense muscles. Recall that feeling of almost falling asleep and the mind release you receive when leaving the appointment. Practicing self-massage is a way to bring that experience into your own home. Lacrosse balls, tennis balls and even a hard lemon can be used.

One of the easiest ways to bring a release of tension is from rolling our feet over a hard round ball shape. Lots of nerve endings end at the feet and without pedicures and a partner, the tension swells at the feet. You can stand on the ball and control the pressure with your body weight. After rolling out both feet, find a wall and place your hips right next to the wall and roll onto your back with your feet against the wall and your back on the ground – like an L shape. This shape allows the blood to flow from your feet, which should be nice and relaxed from your rolling massage, down to the heart. This shape is great before sleep as well as it slows down the heart and relaxes the whole body.