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Your own retreat at home

Your own retreat at home

Creating a retreat in your own home is an exercise of the mind, the spirit and the space.

Step 1: start by tidying and cleaning up. Take the time now to declutter and ‘KonMari’ your space. Go through your place and give everything you own some attention. You’ll likely notice that you don’t need a lot of the things you own and corners in your living space that have been collecting dust. In our busy lives, it’s easy to ignore and neglect the little things that you’ve put off, so take the time now to give it attention. To help you do it mindfully, listen to some classical music from Idagio or put on this podcast about going through new experiences or ‘FFTs’ by Brene Brown.

design by @mandychangdesign, photo by @madelinetolle

Step 2: Move things around. Our living spaces are meant to keep us safe, make us feel comfortable and allow our energy to flow and be nourished. By moving your furniture and items around, with the intention of creating a retreat in your own home, you’ll able to reset your space. The furniture and decorations in our homes may not be living, breathing things, but they do play a role in the overall feeling and energy of the space. By moving things around, you’re simply giving your space new life and resetting its energy. Take some inspiration from the traditional Chinese way of Feng Shui. Check out IG accounts like @fengshui.interior and tips from My Domaine.

Step 3: Clear the energy. Have you ever noticed that when you walk into someone’s home, you can feel a difference to yours? That’s because the energy of the person living in the home and the movement of that person within the space creates an intangible feeling. When we’re trying to create a sanctuary in our own homes, you want to remove the energy it had collected from guests and previous dwellers. Take sage, copal or palo santo, light it and walk your space with the incense. Leave a window open so the old energy can flow out. This tradition is used by many indigenous communities around the world and healers alike to clean energy and reset the space. you can order some palo santo and incense from Toronto’s Woodlot, Hilltribe, or Happy Soul.

photo by @shadedeggesphotography on Instagram