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6 Tips to Maximize your Beauty Sleep

6 Tips to Maximize your Beauty Sleep

As 2019 comes to a close, it’s no surprise that for many of us, getting a good night’s sleep is rolling down the To-Do List. We’ve compiled a list of tips so you can prioritize the beauty sleep you deserve.

Daylight hours are dwindling, year-end deadlines are looming, and the pressure to create ‘holiday magic’ for our loved ones is heavy in the air. As 2019 comes to a close, it’s no surprise that for many of us, getting a good night’s sleep is rolling down the To-Do List. While we know how much our sleeping patterns affect both our physical and mental health, it can be hard to prioritize good sleep hygiene. With that in mind, we at Retreat have compiled a list of tips that should help you get all the beauty sleep you deserve. 

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Go to bed with a clean face – A little TLC can go a long way, and this might be just what you need in order to decompress before heading to bed. Consider setting yourself up for success with a drop in at Miraj Hammam for one of their Caudalie Grand Facials, it will leave your skin feeling clean and dewy, and will motivate you to keep the best practice going at home. 

Sweat it out – Research shows that exercise primes your body to sleep better at night. According to Michael Breus, PhD, a Sleeping Specialist, it can even help relieve stress and anxiety, as well as to improve sleeping patterns. With that in mind, why not get those endorphins flowing by checking out BOLO and their kick-a** kickboxing classes? And for that post-sweat glow, we got you: BOLO also offers brow grooming, blowouts, makeup applications and more.

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Yoga-it up – Everyone knows there’s nothing worse than your own stress keeping you up at night. If this sounds familiar, you might want to give Yoga a shot. In particular, poses like the Wide-Knee Child’s Pose or the Standing-Forward Bend are known to help relieve tension at the end of the day. No need to worry if you can’t make time for it during the day: the majority of yoga poses can easily be done at home.

Sip on some herbal tea: Because it contains no caffeine, enjoying a warm herbal tea can be very calming. Here are a few types we love to drink when we need to unwind: chamomile, lavender, lemon balm and valerian root.

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Read: Remember that random book you were gifted three years ago? Time to get it out of the drawer you left it in: research shows that making reading a pre-bedtime routine helps put your mind and body into the right mindset to fall asleep. Some of our fave bedtime reads include Michelle Obama’s Becoming, Maya Angelou’s Letter to my Daughter, or Hannah Nordhaus’ The Beekeeper’s Lament.

Give Acupuncture a try – While this may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about sleep, acupuncture has actually been used for thousands of years to help relieve both the mind and body of stress. Silk + Palm’s Cosmetic Acupuncture Facial should help with several things, from digestion and muscle pain, to stress and anxiety.