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Top Must-Attend Events in TO

Top Must-Attend Events in TO

Photo cred: @novniel on Unsplash

With Fall in full spree and colds making a comeback, it’s no surprise that many of us would choose staying in bed in front of a good ol’ Sofia Coppola movie over going out. Picture this: what if we told you that we found a way to make going out when it’s cold outside both fun AND easy? This month, we compiled a list of some must-attend events in TO, as well as some tips and tricks that’ll make the idea of leaving your bed much more exciting. And, well, if you do end up choosing to stay home (which we would totally understand, no hard feelings here), we do have some things we wanna chat about: as a reward for all your hard work, why not treat yourself to some well-deserved self-care? On the menu for both our adventurous and a little less adventurous (but certainly not any less fierce) friends out there, we’ve got some tender loving care coming your way:

  1. On October 26th, TEDxTORONTO will be coming to the city for the 11th annual full-day conference taking place at Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works. Speakers include Andrew Reeves, Environmental Journalist, Shireen Ahmen, Writer, Podcaster, Acitivist for Muslim women in sports, Gulshan Allibhai, Owner of Lahore Tikka House, Casandra Diamond, Founder and Director of BirdgeNorth, and more!

Our recco: Get a mani at Majesty’s Pleasure. That and a coupe of champagne and you’ll get the self-care you know you deserve.

2. From November 4th to November 5th will be taking place the annual Women in Business Summit at the Fairmont Royal York. Whether an entrepreneur, a student or even just somebody looking for inspiration, the event is designed to empower and encourage women leaders across Canada to do what they do best: build and inspire. 

Our recco: Get a Reiki session at Saul’s Beauty Shop inc. to revitalize your balance and ponder about the inspiring women in your life.

3. Cats the Musical will be taking over the Toronto stage from November 27th to January 5th. The show is making its way across North America and will be stopping here in all its glory. 

Photo cred: @sunnysmng on Unsplash

Our recco: Get a massage at the Miraj Hammam Spa. After seeing all these “cats” dancing around your back will surely need some TLC.

4. From November 15th to November 18th will be taking place the National Women’s Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. From fashion and food to mini makeovers and travel ideas, it will make for the perfect day out.

Our recco: Dean Delmonte and Company’s signature blowout will have you all glammed up for your day there.

5. The IWF World Leadership Conference will be in Toronto from November 13th to November 15th. Artificial intelligence, cannabis, sexual identity and many other themes are on the menu.

Our recco: Get a brushing at Vent Blow Dry Bar and complete your fierce look with an even fiercer hair-do.

6. Toronto is getting one of the biggest indoor Christmas festivals in the world from November 28th to January 4th, 2020 at the Toronto Congress Centre. With a light tunnel of 50, 000 lights, live entertainment, LED swings and more, the GLOW Christmas Festival has you in for a wild ride.

Our recco: Get your makeup done at BOLO and get your glow on in advance for the pictures you’ll be taking there.

Just remember, don’t ever feel guilty when it comes to investing in your happiness and self-care. Especially in the colder seasons.


The Retreat Team