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Northern Pride

Northern Pride

At Retreat, we believe that beauty is elevated through self-care. Both inner and outer beauty stems from self-love and taking care of your needs. We’ve put together some examples of services from Retreat’s partners to get you inspired!)

Photo creds: @sandrachile on unsplash

In the spirit of Pride month, we’d like to showcase The Dresscode Project, a “global alliance of salons and barbershops committed to providing positive, gender-affirming services for LGBTQIA+  clients”. Their online directory offers a wide selection of inclusive spas that are accessible to individuals of all sexualities and gender expressions across the Greater Toronto Area. As a proud member of The Dresscode Project, our partner, Palm Sunday, offers a wide range of services that will allow you to express yourself through vivid, creative hair colours and styles.

Here are some hair inspos from Palm Sunday.

Photo creds: @palm_sunday on Instagram

Since summer is here, it’s the perfect time to experiment with different colours. Switch things up with a fresh and expressive hairstyle!

Photo creds: @palm_sunday on Instagram

Here are some awesome nail inspos from more Retreat partners.  

Trendy nail art is all the rage right now. Join the fun!

Photo creds: @hermajestyspleasure on Instagram

Her Majesty’s Pleasure is known for their perfected nail art. Experiment with bold multi-colours, keep it minimal, or try a mix of both with negative space nails:    

Photo creds: @hermajestyspleasure on Instagram

Not only does Barefoot beauty have all natural, organic, and toxin-free polishes, their colours range from pastel to bright and bold:

Photo creds: @barefootbeautynails on instagram
Photo creds: @barefootbeautynails on Instagram

Show your whole-self some TLC by turning the focus inwards.

Take time to relax in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Dews Sweat House offers a brand new self-care experience with plenty of health benefits that come with… sweating! By utilizing infrared heat blankets to safely induce intense sweating.

Think sauna but better!

This modern twist allows you to chill laying down, sleep or watch Netflix while reaping all the benefits of sweating including detoxification, pain relief, increased metabolism, deeper sleep, improved circulation, boosted mood and general wellness.     

Photo creds: @dewsweathouse on Instagram

When you’re physically, mentally, and emotionally aligned, you are the best you. Some of the most essential lessons we learn through life is the necessity to put yourself first. Find joy in self-expression with a little love from our Retreat partners.

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