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How To Get A Glow During Winter

How To Get A Glow During Winter

(Photo by @georgekeburia)

Snow is falling, temps are declining, and that means our skin is also sadly dehydrating. How is one supposed to keep that summer glow alive when it’s so cold and frigid that we don’t even want to leave bed, let alone the house? Well there are so many ways to get that glow back from facials to spray tans. Keep reading for 4 ways to get glowing even in winter.

Get A Facial

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It’s important to take care of your skin year round but it’s especially important during the chilly winter months. Mother Nature’s icy winds wreak havoc on our faces and dry it out like there’s no tomorrow. An expert aesthetician can drastically help improve your skin’s appearance and a few minutes of steam will give it the tall glass of hydration its been desperately cravesing!

Get A Spray Tan

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Is it just us or does our skin more dull during winter? Get glowing with a glam spray tan! Everyone will think you took a quick vacay but your secret will be safe with us. A bronzed glow is just what you’ve been needing if the seasonal shift has been getting you down, plus you’ll be the only one looking tanned at the office holiday party and all eyes will be on you!

Try A Hydrating Overnight Face Mask

If your mug is feeling (and looking) as dry as the desert, might we suggest slathering on a mega hydrating overnight face mask? With so many different options on the market, these overnight masks are supercharged and work while you get your beauty sleep, plus there’s no residue that’ll stain your pillows.

Get Your Sweat On

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When it’s cold AF outside, we like to do everything and anything possible to stay as warm as possible and that includes getting in a super steamy workout class. There are so many amazing fitness classes in TO and we recommend trying out as many as you can because why not? We suggest finding a studio with a hot room for maximum heat – plus you’ll sweat out so many toxins and be left positively glowing!


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