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5 Of The Best Meditation Spots in TO

5 Of The Best Meditation Spots in TO

Life can get pretty crazy sometimes, but we know life can get even crazier during the holidays so it’s important to have some you-time especially now that the holidays are over! We know the term ‘self-care’ is perhaps overused but the meaning behind it is as important as ever. Even if you’re super busy and on the go everyday, taking time for yourself is necessary and these TO spots are there to help you re-center and find your zen! Because after all, self-care really is self-preservation!


Situated right on Adelaide near Brant, Hoame’s mission is to help you find your way back home and back to yourself. With light and dark meditation rooms, a wicked salt cave and an infrared sauna, finding some peace and quiet is never hard to do when you’re there. Through guided meditations you’ll quickly regain peace of mind and be ready for whatever comes your way!

The Quiet Co

One of the most quaint meditations spots in TO is The Quiet Company that’s located right at King and Spadina. Not only are their guided meditations super soothing and relaxing but you need to check out their sound meditations too – they’re very powerful and you’ll leave feeling lifted and renewed.

The Good Space

Dedicated to movement and mindfulness, Parkdale’s The Good Space provides expertly guided meditations but also vinyasa or restorative mediations classes. This bright and airy space is calming and will re-align you and your energy!


Are you a water baby? You need to head to Float in Parkdale for 60-minutes of uninterrupted floating in your own private tank that’s filled with over 850 lbs of epsom salts so you seriously will float! When the body stops fighting gravity, your brain releases dopamine and endorphins, and the parasympathetic nervous system gets to work helping you totally de-stress and heal.

Myndful Me

TO’s newest mediation spot is Myndful Me and it’s right on top of Calii Love on King. Offering practical mindfullness in the middle of busy downtown, Myndful Me is all about guided meditations that are curated for optimal holistic healing and longevity.

Happy Meditating!


Blair Stutz