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5 Ways to Incorporate Cannabis into your Beauty Routine

5 Ways to Incorporate Cannabis into your Beauty Routine

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With cannabis (finally) becoming legalized late last year, it seems we’re seeing cannabis everything all over the place. But what if you’re not into doing the whole puff-puff-pass bit? Well you’re in luck because nowadays there are so many products out there that don’t involve smoking and don’t even contain THC, the stuff that’s gets you high! Cannabidiol aka CBD is known for its calming benefits but it’s also really good for your skin as it’s rich in fatty acids and natural emollients that can help hydrate and smooth the skins surface. The only thing it won’t do is get you high – these products that contain CBD are bound to chill you out when you need it most.

Bath Salts

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Taking a bath is already super relaxing but what if there was a way you could step it up a notch? Enter CBD bath salts. One little sprinkle and voila – instant relaxation and calm. We recommend using them right before bed because you’ll be sleepy AF in no time!


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Having a stressful day? Some might turn to a glass of vino but why not try out CBD oil instead? Proven to aid with calming anxiety or stress, CBD oil is a natural way to reclaim your chill. Some might call for you to simply dab on pressure points and others you spritz in the mouth but either way, it’s a perfectly natural way to find your zen quickly in a moment of panic.

Body Lotion

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Remember how cool you thought you were using Hemp lotion back in the day? Yeah, we do too but it turns out, those makers were seriously on to something. CBD has a soothing effect on the skin with it’s natural fatty acids and antioxidants so it’s a no brainer that people with super dry skin and eczema use hempseed oil and CBD infusedlaced lotions.


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Did you know CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory? That’s what makes it the perfect ingredient in skincare products, plus it’s natural too! Those anti-inflammatory properties arePlus, it’s also super helpful for fighting acne and it can also give skin a more youthful appearance, so why not give CBD skincare a try?


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Infused with essential oils, CBD candles also contain CBD oils that will not only give your space some relaxing ambiance but will also help calm you and your mind. These therapeutic aromas and oils help relieve stress and lift the spirit by transforming your home and stimulating your senses.


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