June 27, 2019
Northern Pride

At Retreat, we believe that beauty is elevated through self-care. Both inner and outer beauty stems from self-love and taking care of your needs.

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April 7, 2019
Self care for new mamas

(photo cred: @thedakotacorbin on Unsplash) Soothing belly butter massages. Prenatal yoga, acupuncture, and pelvic floor therapy. Maternity photoshoots. Frequent naps entangled with elaborate body pillows.

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March 25, 2019
How To Get A Glow During Winter

(Photo by @georgekeburia) Snow is falling, temps are declining, and that means our skin is also sadly dehydrating. How is one supposed to keep that summer glow alive when it’s so cold and frigid that we don’t even want to leave bed, let alone the house?

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January 7, 2019
4 Hidden Gems In The PATH

Photo by @tomraymo Anyone who frequents the downtown core of Toronto knows about the PATH. It’s a huge downtown tunnel with a variety of stores, restaurants, coffee shops and more that you can get to without ever venturing outside during the frigid winter months or blistering hot summer days.

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